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LUNGevity Foundation & Lung Cancer Initiative

Partnership Recipient


2023 Recipient:

Jaclyn LoPiccolo, MD PhD

Institution: Lowe Center for Thoracic Oncology at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
The Germline-Somatic Interaction in Young-Onset Lung Cancer

We are pleased to partner with LUNGevity Foundation to co-fund a Career Development Award for Jaclyn LoPiccolo, MD, PhD from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Dr. LoPiccolo’s project is on the genomics of young-onset lung cancer. “Lung cancer has been on the rise in young individuals. We are thrilled to support Dr. LoPiccolo’s project, which will answer important questions on how lung cancer develops in people younger than 45 years who do not have known risk factors,” said Paige Humble, chief executive officer of LCI. “The project was selected through LUNGevity’s rigorous science review mechanism and was chosen by the Board of Directors of LCI.” 

To learn more about this grant, read the full announcement here.

Lung Cancer Research Foundation & Lung Cancer Initiative Partnership Recipient

2023 Recipient:

Ann Pendergast, PhD

Institution: Duke University School of Medicine
Project: Targeting GD2 Ganglioside in Small Cell Lung Cancer

LCI is proud to be supporting in part the work of Dr. Ann Pendergast, Vice Chair of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology at Duke University School of Medicine in partnership with the Lung Cancer Research Foundation and their 2023 Understanding Resistance research grant.  Through her project titled, “Uncovering Novel Vulnerabilities to Treat SCLC Therapy Resistance,” Dr. Pendergast’s goal is to find new and effective treatments for patients who progress on the current standard of care therapy.  Dr. Pendergast is testing if a group of novel drugs can help damage the DNA and the metabolism of small cell lung cancer cells. This approach points to new combination treatment options. Small cell lung cancer is often overlooked in the lung cancer community, and patients are in desperate need of new and innovative therapy options.  

V Foundation & Lung Cancer Initiative Partnership Recipients

2018 Recipient:
Jared Weiss, MD

Institution: UNC
Project: Targeting GD2 Ganglioside in Small Cell Lung Cancer

2017 Recipients:
Ed Kim, MD, FACP

Institution: Atrium Health
Project: Dynamic functional assessment of the host (vs tumor) immune system in patients with non-small cell lung cancer utilizing a novel blood-based immunokinetic platform

Qingyi Wei, MD, PhD

Institution: Duke
Project: Characterization of Functional Variants of GWAS-identified CRL-related Gene DCAF4 for Racial Disparity in Lung Cancer

2016 Recipient:
Jeff Clarke, MD
Institution: Duke
Project: Identification of Genetic Determinates for Disparities in African American Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
2015 & 2016 Recipient:
Chad Pecot, MD

Institution: UNC
2015 Project: Tumor Angiogenesis Regulation by the miR-200 Family
2016 Project: Targeting the Immune Microenvironment to Treat Squamous Cancers