Funding Opportunities

Since 2008, Lung Cancer Initiative has funded $2.8 million in lung cancer research. The goal of Lung Cancer Initiative‘s research program is to invest in the development of local lung cancer experts and research to save lives. By funding research we are providing opportunities for researchers earlier in their careers and encouraging continued growth and involvement in the field of lung cancer.

If you have any questions about funding opportunities, please contact our Chief Mission Delivery Officer, Jenni Danai.

Alumni Supplemental Grant


The goal of this grant is to help lung cancer researchers advance studies that are already underway and where additional funding is necessary to cover the cost of unanticipated time or resources needed to further the study or expand the original aims of the study.

All researchers funded since our inception in 2008 are eligible to apply for any ongoing research needs either related or not related to their specific projects funded by LCI.  Investigators may apply for research into the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure of lung cancer.  Researchers may reside and work outside of North Carolina. 

Applications are currently closed for this grant.


Research Fellow Program


The LCI Research Fellowship program annually provides five $25,000 one-year fellowship grants for students who wish to pursue a career in lung cancer research, diagnosis, treatment and/or care.

Researchers at each of the following institutions are eligible to apply: Duke University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Wake Forest University, East Carolina University, and Levine Cancer Institute.

Vicky Amidon Innovation in Lung Cancer Research Grant


Through the Vicky Amidon Innovation in Lung Cancer Research Grant, LCI aims to recognize and provide research funding for innovative lung cancer projects that will improve the lives of those diagnosed with lung cancer in North Carolina.

The Vicky Amidon Innovation in Lung Cancer Research Award is named in the memory of Vicky Amidon, a beloved wife, mother and friend to many. At the age of 44, Vicky was diagnosed with lung cancer and faced a difficult two-and-a-half year battle with the disease. Vicky s memory continues to impact many lives and is furthered through her family s advocacy and support for the advancement of lung cancer research and awareness. The award recognizes and supports researchers who are developing innovative lung cancer projects that will improve the lives of those at risk of or living with lung cancer.

Career Development Research Grant


Through Lung Cancer Initiative’s Career Development Grant, LCI aims to support and provide research funding to emerging research leaders who plan to continue their career in the field of lung cancer.

The researcher’s project must be focused on basic scientific research with the goal of impacting lung cancer care, including lung cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, or survivorship.

REACH Community Grant Program

The Lung Cancer Initiative’s REACH Community Grant Program aims to empower and support community organizations to fill a gap in lung cancer care within their local communities.

The REACH Community Grant Program awards funding of up to $10,000 to support community- based organizations and non-profit institutions in their collaborative efforts to holistically assist the entire lung cancer community, particularly those who are uninsured, underinsured, and most impacted. Formerly the Access Grant program, this program began in 2016 and has collectively awarded almost $150,000 to 13 community organizations across North Carolina. The REACH Community Grant Program funds the creation of new programs or expansion of existing programs that reach a community with demonstrated need, promote lung cancer education and awareness, improve access to care, support complementary healthcare, or advance health equity for North Carolinians.

To apply please download the application and email the completed application to Emily Edmondson,  The application deadline is July 28, 2023.

Health Research Alliance

The Lung Cancer Initiative is proud to join over 85 other nonprofit research funders as a member of the Health Research Alliance. The Health Research Alliance is a collaborative member organization of nonprofit research funders, committed to maximizing the impact of biomedical research to improve human health.

Scientific Advisory Committee

LCI’s research programming is led by the following healthcare leaders from across the country:

Ed Kim, MD, Chair, City of Hope
Jeff Clarke, MD, Duke Cancer Institute
Neal Ready, MD, Duke Cancer Institute
Paul R. Walker, MD, FACP
Amy Cipau, LCI President
Kathryn Mileham, MD, Atrium Health
Jared Weiss, MD, UNC Health
Chad Pecot, MD, UNC Health
Jeff Petty, MD, Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist