Lung Cancer Education and Community Programs

About Lung Cancer

Fighting lung cancer starts with understanding lung cancer.

People who will be diagnosed with lung cancer this year in the United States; 8,920 in North Carolina alone

People will die of lung cancer this year; 4,640 in North Carolina alone

Percent of all new lung cancer diagnoses are among people who have never smoked or have already quit smoking

Percent of cancer deaths are from lung cancer - it takes more lives than breast, prostate, and colon cancer combined

Filling in the research gap

Over the last 30 years, substantial investment in research has resulted in significant increases in survival of many diseases. But lung cancer has seen a significantly smaller investment from the government to date – and therefore the results and survival rates haven’t been as drastically impacted. That’s where you can help.


US Government Research Funding (2022) Results Survival Rates
Lung Cancer Only $479 million/year² Very little change in 5-year survival rates:³ Early 1970s: 12%
Today: 25%
Breast Cancer $738 million/year² Significant increase in 5-year survival rates:³

Early 1970s: 75%

Today: 90%

HIV/AIDS $3.2 billion/year² AIDS is no longer considered a near-immediate death sentence Today, with antiretroviral drug therapy, the 3-year survival rate is 90%.


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Community Education Program

Lung Cancer Initiative delivers community education programs designed for everyone. In partnership with area cancer centers, community organizations and other leading experts, these events bring together lung cancer patients, their families, advocates, researchers and healthcare professionals in an informal venue to discuss topics that are important to them. The events are intended to better the health of anyone who has been impacted by lung cancer, to raise awareness and enhance knowledge, and to connect patients and their loved ones with the medical and research community.

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