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When you choose to support Lung Cancer Initiative, you create HOPE. From fueling lung cancer research, to furthering education, to supporting access to critical care and treatment, you are making an impact for all those impacted by lung cancer.

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Your donations support our programs in several key areas:


Since 2008, LCI has funded more than $3 million in lung cancer research through programs like our research fellowship grant, health disparities in lung cancer grant in partnership with the V Foundation for Cancer Research, Career Development Award, and an Innovation grant. Our support has jump-started the careers of researchers who have gone on to receive continued funding for their work from the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense, and the American Cancer Society.


At LCI, our mission is to advance survivorship and provide support to all those impacted by lung cancer. We have many resources designed to support lung cancer survivors at all stages of their journey, from diagnosis to long-term survivorship. Our Survivor Steering Committee provides leadership and guidance to LCI in developing the resources that lung cancer survivors need.


Community Education
Together with our partners at cancer centers and local organizations across the state, Lung Cancer Initiative s community education programs allow patients and their families to come together to hear the latest information about lung cancer and related topics. Sessions are designed to empower individuals and arm them with the resources they need to be a better advocate for their own health and for lung cancer.
Physician Education
We provide educational opportunities for health care professionals throughout North Carolina to improve lung cancer screening rates, assist providers in keeping up with research advancements, and increase awareness of our patient support programs. To learn more, contact our Chief Mission Delivery Officer , Jenni Danai.
Materials Distribution
Lung Cancer Initiative distributes free print and online materials to patients and physician offices, which provide vital information to help patients and their families better understand their diagnosis of lung cancer. These materials help families receive the best care available on their lung cancer journey.


Patient Access to Care Gas Card
This program provides assistance to lung cancer patients who are actively receiving treatment, including clinical trials. The goal of the program is to lessen the burden of transportation to appointments for patients so they can receive appropriate lung cancer treatment. As of the end of 2021, we have given out more than 1,700 gas cards to patients across the state. We will be giving out another 500 gas cards in 2022.
Patient Emergency Fund
In 2020, LCI established a Patient Emergency Fund in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and granted $250 stipends to help 80 patients in meeting basic needs. In 2021, LCI continued this program by giving 60 patients a $200 stipend.
REACH Community Grant
The Lung Cancer Initiative awards REACH Community Grants up to $10,000 to assist institutions with improving access to lung cancer screening, treatment, clinical trials, molecular testing or precision medicine for uninsured or underinsured individuals.

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