The people listed below have passed away, and their family and friends have chosen to honor their memory by donating to Lung Cancer Initiative (LCI). Such donations are a thoughtful tribute to those we have lost. Lung Cancer Initiative is honored to be chosen as the recipient of those gifts.

Click here to make a donation, and follow the steps indicated for making your gift in memory of someone.

2023 Memorials

Jeevan Menezes (Morrisville, NC)

Dorothy Turner (Morrisville, NC)

George Crowell (Greensboro, NC)

2022 Memorials

Barbara Brown (Greensboro, NC)

Ron Templeton (Durham, NC)

Karen Key (Durham, NC)

Donna Carswell (Cary, NC)

2021 Memorials

Ben Hynson (Cary, NC)

Bridie Cunha (Hazlet, NJ)

Arbie Jonathan Evans (Hazlet, NJ)

Jodi Koviach (Durham, NC)

Annetta Gale Reeder (Salisbury, NC)

Ron Sanyal (Salisbury, NC)

Shirley Sulick (Wake Forest, NC)