Giving Hope Society

The Giving Hope Society recognizes the generosity and impact of individuals and families who are sustaining donors to the Lung Cancer Initiative. The ongoing support of Society members fuels critical research, education, awareness and access programs across North Carolina.

Society members contribute a minimum of $1,000 annually to the Lung Cancer Initiative. We recognize Giving Hope Society members throughout the year as well as during a special annual event just for Society members.

Please contact Paige Humble at 919-784-0410 or via email to learn more about the Society.

Society members may provide support at any of the following levels:

  • $1,000+ (Partner)
  • $2,500+ (Sustainer)
  • $5,000+ (President’s Circle)
  • $10,000+ (Circle of Hope)

Thank you to our generous 2023 Giving Hope Society Members:

Dr. Jason Akulian

Darrin and Tammy Allred

Glenn and Suzanne Andrews


Polly Armsby

Bob and Pat Barker

Don and Carla Berryann

Avery Boone

Hope Brown

David Bull

John Cates

Dr. Gabriel and Amy Cipau

Dr. Jeffrey and Shannon Clarke

Lee Ellen Coffey

Elizabeth Collins

Steve and Jennifer Colon

Brooke Contini

Jennifer Dent

Beth Dougherty

Clyde Duncan

John Dyson

Adam Smith and Dr. Jennifer Ersek

Dr. Romi Farber

Paul and Lucy Fedorkowicz

Adam and Anderson Garrett

Cecilia Gonzales

Jeff Grote

Hall Foundation Inc.

Drs. Douglas Hammer and Susan Moore

Bob and Tomma Hargraves

Chris Hayduk

Matt Hellgeth and Elissa Doty

Gary and Lynne Hicks

Cathy Hogan

Bo and Heather Hooper

Liz Hynson

Nick Hynson and Katie Flocco

Dan and Nancy Johns

Theresa Kelly

John and Cece Kennedy

Bill and Ginny Kloepfer

Paul Lester

Clyde and Meredith Lundy

Chad Mastny

Thomas and Dr. Karen McDonnell

Nancy McFarlane

Jarin and Brielle McKay

Mike and Jaymie McKay

Dr. Hiren Mehta

Chester “Junie” A. Michael

Aurita Menezes

Dr. Kathryn Mileham

Louise Miller

James and Polly Morlando

Tom and Mary Lynn Moser

Justin Brian and Angela Nicholson

Katie Nifong

Curt and Judy Noble

Kevin Nunnery

Dr. Aundrea Oliver

Debora Parks

Emily Parks

Joellen Parks

Khaki Parks

Sissy Parks

Stuart Parks

Tracy Parks

Dr. Chad Pecot

Bill and Dr. BJ Peterson

Gerald Postema

Nirmaladevi Premakumar

Dr. Sanjay Premakumar

Chris and Susanne Rallis

Drs. Neal Ready and Lynn Bowlby

Jeffrey and Beth Richek

Scott Riddle

Bill Roberts

Coleman Ross

Graham Self

Drs. Shawn Sendlinger and Jennifer Garst

Jim and Deborah Sheegog

Allen Smith

Susan Smith

Dr. Kevin and Elizabeth Speight

Dr. Michael J. Sulick

Jenna Temple

Kevin and Malinda Templeton

Bradley and Meredith Tomlin

Malinda Trozzo

Michael Tulp

Dr. Paul and Kathryn Walker

Brad and Megan Weddington

Dr. Jared Weiss

John and Roberta Wilder

Ralf and Julie Yobp

Amanda Youth

Joanne Zick