Nutrition and Lung Cancer

Nutrition and Lung Cancer
March 21, 2023

A patient’s cancer journey can be emotionally draining, mentally challenging and full of side-effects from treatment. This nutrition and lung cancer patient resource considers the patient first by promoting ways to eat enough protein and calories while experiencing side effects from lung cancer treatment.
The nutrition priority for most cancer patients is to eat enough calories and protein to maintain a healthy weight. Maintaining weight throughout cancer treatment has been shown to increase a patient’s strength, and ultimately survivorship. The challenge that most patients face is being able to eat enough food while experiencing side effects from treatment. This resource includes the following common side effects of lung cancer treatment: appetite loss, nausea and vomiting, fatigue, and mouth irritation. Under each side effect there are helpful tips on how to eat enough calories and protein while experiencing the given side effect. Actionable items like trying this protein smoothie, eating a small meal or snack every 3 hours, setting activity goals and asking your doctor questions are also included.
This resource provides lung cancer patients with simple action items that are attainable, enjoyable, and stress-free. Having the right resources to help combat the side effects of lung cancer treatment can improve one’s quality of life with cancer. We encourage all patients with lung cancer to find enjoyment in trying new recipes, setting small goals, and learning to live well with lung cancer.

Click here for additional recipes for people with cancer and check out our Infographic on Nutrition and Lung Cancer to learn more about how to deal with side effects.

Jessie Sprinkles, MPH is a Doctor of Philosophy Student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. During her internship at Lung Cancer Initiative, Jessie sought to provide support to lung cancer patients including the development of educational materials to support patients on their journey.