Lori’s Story

My inspiration comes from a network of friends family and many prayer warriors in my corner. The outpouring of hope and strength coming my way was incredible and I am forever grateful. Also a book that a friend of the family wrote regarding her journey with an incurable brain cancer was so very inspiring to me and became my go to for reading purposes and hopefulness.

My advice for newly diagnosed patients is please take heart. It’s all so scary and overwhelming at first but there is so much hope in the research and new treatments and therapies that really give us a chance and certainly also gives us more time. And of course the power of prayer!  The science and the prayers are why I’m still here doing well today. I was NSCLC stage 4B metastatic and after 6 weeks on Retevmo I was declared NED in August. Do NOT give up!!! Trust the science and power of prayer!