2021-2022 Research Fellows

2021-2022 Lung Cancer Initiative Research Fellows

James Isaacs, MD, Duke University

2021 LCI Distinguished Fellow Award Recipient

Project:  “Evaluating the Impact of PCSK9 on the Composition of the Tumor-Immune Microenvironment and Treatment Response to the Immune Checkpoint Blockade (ICB) in NSCLC” (Mentor:  Neal Ready, MD,PhD;  Scott Antonia, MD, PhD)

Jacob Stein, MD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Project: “Evaluating Barriers to Equitable Access to Precision Medicine in Advanced Lung Cancer”  (Mentor:  Marjory Charlot, MSc, MPH)

Safoa Afua Addo, MD, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center 

Project:  “Circulating Immune Biomarkers as Predictors of the Response to Pembrolizumab and Weekly Low Dose Carboplatin and Paclitaxil in NSCLC and Poor Performance Status” (Mentor:  Pierre Triozzi, MD;  Jeff Petty, MD)

Christopher Pallas, MD, Atrium Health  

Project:  “Evaluation of Novel Predictive Biomarkers in Patients with Locally Advanced, Unresectable Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Treated with Durvalumab after Chemoradiotherapy”  (Mentor:  John Heinzerling, MD)

Hafiz Muhammad Aslam, MD, Brody School of Medicine, East Carolina University

Project:  “PUF:  A Potential Repressor of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Proto-Oncogenes” (Mentor:  Myon Hee Lee, PhD)