Give the Gift of HOPE.

2023 marks the 10th Anniversary of Lung Cancer Initiative’s Gas Card Program! The first $50 gas cards were sent out on April 1, 2013, and since then, LCI has helped over 4,000 lung cancer patients access treatment through this program.

About the LCI Gas Card Program

Tomma Hargraves was a lung cancer survivor who joined Lung Cancer Initiative (LCI) in 2007 as a volunteer and later served as a Board member. Through her advocacy work, Tomma realized that access to care is often a financial challenge for lung cancer patients. To help address this problem, Tomma worked with the LCI leadership to create a program that would provide assistance to these patients, culminating in the development of the LCI Gas Card Program in 2013.

We were saddened by Tomma’s passing this year, but her legacy of survivor support and advocacy continues on in our patient support programs, and especially the Gas Card Program, which we are naming in her honor as the Tomma Hargraves Gas Card Program.

Support Those Impacted by Lung Cancer

The demand for gas cards and other survivor assistance programs has consistently been growing, and your financial support is critical for us to meet the needs of every patient seeking assistance. Please consider a year-end gift to help support lung cancer survivors and their families.

Make Your Gift Go Further!

Hope Ambassadors provide sustaining funding to support LCI’s mission delivery through regular giving (monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly). A recurring monthly donation for one year provides sustaining support that will help us meet the increasing demand for assistance through our programs:

$4.17 per month

equals the cost of helping one individual seeking treatment through programs like our gas card program

$21 per month

equals the amount needed to help one patient who has been financially impacted by their cancer diagnosis

$30 per month

equals the amount needed to fund one day of lung cancer research through the research fellowship program

$100 per month

equals the amount needed to offer educational events like the Advocacy Summit to ten participants

To sign up as a Hope Ambassador, select the “recurring donation” option on the giving page using the link below.

Learn More About LCI's Survivor Support Programs.

LCI’s survivor programs serve patients and their caregivers in all aspects of their journey, from diagnosis forward. These programs include treatment education, emotional support and financial assistance for those in need.